Twizy audio Tours

GPS Audio Tours Twizy. At your own rhythm!

GPS SEVILLE TOUR will provide a new fun and ecological way to discover the city, through guided GPS tours to the rhythm of each one, educational and attractive.

GPS SEVILLE TOUR Offers, multilingual visits are a differentiating factor that eliminates language barriers, creates bonds and unforgettable memories of a trip.

The Twizy GPS Audio Tours solution allows you to guide the tourist through predefined routes thanks to the integrated GPS module, which offers a wide range of tourist information through multilingual image, text and audio.

GPS Audio Twizy it has two fundamental aspects:

Personal tour guide with personalized and exclusive multimedia content.
Tool to help the tourist if he decides to extend the visit.

The information is provided in the GPS in multimedia format. The contents are presented in text, image and multilingual audio format. In this way the visitor can have at his disposal the following:

Geo-referenced and descriptive images of the place you are visiting.

Informative texts, or relevant information about the point of interest.

Audio descriptions activated by proximity. Location-based entertainment

This solution allows the tourist:

Know your location at all times.

Consult the recommended itinerary for each point of interest.

Follow previously established paths stored on the computer.

Easy and convenient access to the gastronomic, commercial and leisure offer.

In this way, Twizy Audio tours are positioned as an innovative, useful and attractive service within the range of tourist services available in Seville. In this way anyone can discover the city in depth, at their own rhythm.